Our shortsea team is searching for the suitable shipping space for your conventional freight. Thereby, our excellent contacts to diverse shipping and freighting companies in Europe take effect. The Bremer Lloyd is independent, insofar neutral towards all potential suppliers in the market. This applies also to our own ships.

If you still need further logistics services, besides the sea transport, you can indirectly use the knowledge and network of our shortsea experts.

The following tasks count as the main section of the chartering:

  • Choice of potential ships

    The high market transparency guarantees you to find the ideal ship for your shipment.

  • Negotiations with the voyage charter

    Alle Terms & Conditions zu Ihren Gunsten zu verhandeln ist unsere Aufgabe. Dazu gehören neben der Fracht auch Liegegelder, Zeitzählung und die Übernahme von Lade- und Stautätigkeiten.

  • Implementation of the sea voyage

    We don’t leave you alone after the booking. Our operational team handles the whole shipment for you and serves as a connecting link between you and the shipping company.