Freight: 6 LM 49.1 rotor blades

Pickup: Jiangyin (China)

Destination: Sweden

Bremer Lloyd Marine Logistics has been awarded with the transportation of a small lot of 6x LM 49.1 blades ex LM Wind Power factory in Jiangyin to Sweden. Due to this small quantity, Bremer Lloyd concentrated on investigating the workability of ports, where the most suitable vessel is loading its base cargo, enabling to offer clients a competitive freight. The final choice was Changshu port, being experienced in handling windmill equipment. In order to ensure a safe loading, the Bremer Lloyd Project Manager and local representatives were present during the complete operations. Being destined for Sweden, the blades have been transhipped to the port of Antwerpen on a coaster cargo liner. Being need prior Christmas, Bremer Lloyd arranged to settle the customs and fiscal clearance within 1 day and loaded the coaster only 2 days after arriving with the vessel from China, again under the supervision of the Bremer Lloyd Project Manager. The coaster sailed directly to the discharging port and Bremer Lloyd ensured a timely discharging and delivery to a satisfied client.