Freight: 3 Rudder blades + Equipment

Pickup: North China

Delivery: South China

Bremer Lloyd successfully arranged the transport of in total 3 rudder blades + equipment from their building site in North China to South China.
Due to the challenging dimensions of a 650 cm wide cargo and arrival restrictions, the transport to the nearest port and the transport via coaster was the safest and fastest solution.

Freight: Steelmill equipment

Pick up: Shanghai

Delivery: Chittagong

Bremer Lloyd was able to prove again their ability to transport heavy units for the steel industry. For a steel mill in Bangladesh, Bremer Lloyd transported a 65 tons heavy straightener from China to Chittagong.

Freight: Transformators and Spreader

Pickup: Italy

Destination: Bangladesch

Bremer Lloyd has been awarded with the delivery of equipment from various supplying countries destined for a steel mill in Bangladesch. The deliveries started amongst others with the loading of up to 75 ts heavy Transformers and a lifting beam with 15 mtrs length, 6 mtrs with and 35 ts unit weight. Bremer Lloyd’s scope started as from pick-up from the factory to Bangladesch, including the pre-carriage, handling and sea transport.

Freight: Monopile Flanges

Destination: Rostock

Bremer Lloyd secured the transport of multiple lots of monopile flanges, which required to be transported by sea, due to the big diameter of 6 metres. Bremer Lloyd arranged the sea transport and on-carriage to the factory.

Freight: Rotor blade

Pickup: Turkey

Destination: Spain

After the importing vessel was heavily delayed, Bremer Lloyd has been asked to work out a solution to transport a test rotor blade on the fastest way to a rotor blade test centre. The rotor blade has been discharged in Turkey and Bremer Lloyd fixed a vessel, which brought the rotor blade on a direct basis to Spain, where a truck was already waiting, enabling to deliver the rotor blade in time to the laboratory.

Freight: drilling-rig

Pickup: Renchen (Germany)

Destination: Chennai (India)

Bremer Lloyd was tasked with delivering a drilling-rig from Renchen in Germany to Chennai in India. The challenge here was the short notice and tight schedule. To save time for the permits for road transport, we loaded the rig with a weight of 41,8 tons and a length of 18,2 meters onto a river barge in Kehl and shipped it to Antwerp. Here, the track driven machine was loaded onto a Ro/Ro vessel bound for India.

Freight: Rotor house

Pickup: Zeebrügge (Belgium)

Destination: Montoir (France)

Bremer Lloyd has recently been awarded with the transport of a rotor house from Zeebrugge to Montoir. The circumstances that the rotor house had a diameter of more than 7 metres, lead to the decision to charter in a coaster vessel, which transported the rotor house directly to Montoir.

Freight: Wind turbine

Pickup: Germay

Destination: Corwen (Great Britain)

Bremer Lloyd has delivered a wind turbine from Germany to Corwen (UK). Since the components were supposed to be transported with special vehicles over the road up to the job site, a route survey of the narrow and winding British country roads was conducted, to make sure that the long and heavy components can fit without any problems and can be safely delivered to their final destination.

Freight: Weser ferry

Pickup: Bremen

Destination: Londonderry

Bremer Lloyd has been awarded with the elaboration of a transport concept and the transport realization of a used Weser ferry. From the technical elaboration, to the procurement of the required lifting equipment, the coordination of loading and the chartering of the sea vessel, was everything in the responsibility of Bremer Lloyd.

Freight: Rotor blades

Pickup: Arkansas (USA)

Destination: Germany

Bremer Lloyd has again been awarded with the pickup of wind turbine blades ex works. The blades have been picked up in Arkansas and transported to the port of Houston, where they have been loaded on to a chartered sea vessel and shipped to Germany. The pickup and delivery was performed punctually and without any complications.

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