Freight: Press equipment

Pick-up: Spain

Delivery: Turkey

Bremer Lloyd has been awarded with the transport of up to 160 tons heavy presses and equipment. The scope consisted in the loading onto sea vessel, sea transport to Turkey, discharging and intermediate storage and JIT delivery to the final receiver. Another lot is planned to be shipped in October.

Freight: 79t Rudder & 14m Rudderstock

Pickup: China

Delivery: China

Bremer Lloyd was contracted for the transport of a 79 tons heavy and 9 metre wide rudder and 14m long rudder stock within China. The scope consisted in the pre-carriage, loading onto a coaster vessel, seafastening and sea transport to final destination.

Freight: 420 tons converter

Pick-up: Polen

Delivery: Belgium

Bremer Lloyd has been awarded with the transport of a 420 tons converter and 100 tons top cone from Poland to Ghent. For this project the transport by means of a pontoon has been investigated to be the most cost economic and suitable one. Bremer Lloyd was in charge with the development and application of the Sea-fastening concept, the sea transport to Ghent and the discharging from pontoon by means of SPMT. Despite of COVID-19 the project was successfully executed, due to the engagement of all involved parties.

Freight: 950 freight tons Concrete sleeper

Pick-up: Belgium

Delivery: Peru

Bremer Lloyd was assigned with the transport of 950 tons of concrete sleepers, destined to Peru. The scope consisted in the choice of the adequate loading port, the port handling of this sensitive commodity, executing the sea transport to Peru and arranging the discharging at Callao.

Freight: 4x 62 tons foundry ladles

Pick-up: Spain

Delivery: Netherlands

Bremer Lloyd has been awarded with the transport of four foundry ladles weighing 62 tons each from Spain to Ijmuiden. The scope consisted in the pre-carriage, port handling, cargo securing and sea transport to Ijmuiden.

Freight: Passenger ferry for Zanzibar

Pick-up: China

Delivery: Zanzibar

Bremer Lloyd has been awarded with the transport of two 185 tons passenger ferries from China to Zanzibar. The scope consisted in the Transport Engineering, loading of the ferry, sea transport and discharging in Zanzibar. The first ferry was delivered and the meantime and the second ferry to follow still this month.

Freight: 3 Rudder blades + Equipment

Pickup: North China

Delivery: South China

Bremer Lloyd successfully arranged the transport of in total 3 rudder blades + equipment from their building site in North China to South China.
Due to the challenging dimensions of a 650 cm wide cargo and arrival restrictions, the transport to the nearest port and the transport via coaster was the safest and fastest solution.

Freight: Steelmill equipment

Pick up: Shanghai

Delivery: Chittagong

Bremer Lloyd was able to prove again their ability to transport heavy units for the steel industry. For a steel mill in Bangladesh, Bremer Lloyd transported a 65 tons heavy straightener from China to Chittagong.

Freight: Transformators and Spreader

Pickup: Italy

Destination: Bangladesch

Bremer Lloyd has been awarded with the delivery of equipment from various supplying countries destined for a steel mill in Bangladesch. The deliveries started amongst others with the loading of up to 75 ts heavy Transformers and a lifting beam with 15 mtrs length, 6 mtrs with and 35 ts unit weight. Bremer Lloyd’s scope started as from pick-up from the factory to Bangladesch, including the pre-carriage, handling and sea transport.

Freight: Monopile Flanges

Destination: Rostock

Bremer Lloyd secured the transport of multiple lots of monopile flanges, which required to be transported by sea, due to the big diameter of 6 metres. Bremer Lloyd arranged the sea transport and on-carriage to the factory.

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