Freight: 9 Rotorblades

Pick up: China

Delivery: Cuxhaven, Germany

Bremer Lloyd has been awarded with the transport of 9x 60 mtr long Rotor Blades ex China to Germany. The scope consisted in the pre-carriage, sea transport and on-carriage in Germany. The client required a fast transit, which has been ensured by Bremer Lloyd, by chartering a vessel with a transit time of less than 40 days. The punctual delivery has again been achieved.


Freight: 96 Rotorblades

Pick up: Portugal

Delivery: Eemshaven, Netherlands

Bremer Lloyd has been awarded with the supply of the 96 Rotor Blades for the 200MW Trianel Windpark Borkum II offshore wind park in the North Sea. Bremer Lloyd is in charge for the engineering and sea transport, to ensure the most optimized intake for the rotor blades, measuring more than 76 metres in length including transport frames. After one year of intense pre-planning and the selection of the most suitable sea vessel, the rotor blades for all 32 wind turbine generators will be delivered until Summer 2019.

Freight: Rotor blades

Pickup: China

Delivery: Greece

Freight: Rotor blades

Pickup: China

Delivery: Greece

Bremer Lloyd arranged for the next transport of rotor blades ex China, with destination Greece. The usual scope consisted in the pre-carriage, handling in port of loading, sea transport, handling in port of discharge and on-carriage to erection site. Bremer Lloyd ensured a timely and safe arrival ahead of planned schedule.

Freight: 5x Generators

Pickup: Finland

Delivery: Poland/Germany

Bremer Lloyd has been awarded with the transport of five 100 tons Generators with 6 metres diameter. The Scope consisted in the pre-carriage, handling on sea vessel, sea transport, discharging of one Generator in Poland including on-carriage and re-loading an exchange Generator including pre-carriage. These five Generators were transported still on the same vessel direction North Sea Port, where Bremer Lloyd arranged for the discharging and the on-carriage to clients premises.

Bremer Lloyd has been awarded with the urgent delivery of three 50 mtr long rotor blades from China to Germany. Due to the low quantity the challenge was to offer to the client a cost-efficient solution. Covering the complete scope, from pick-up at the factory up to delivery to erection site, enabled Bremer Lloyd to optimize the delivery process and the client was provided with a satisfactory and fast transport solution.

Freight: Steelflanges

Pickup: Bremerhaven

Destination: Cuxhaven

Bremer Lloyd has been requested to transport fastest possible 6-metre-wide steel flanges from Bremerhaven to Cuxhaven. Bremer Lloyd chartered a sea vessel, loaded the coaster directly at the Container Terminal and arranged for the cargo securing of the loose and the still on the Flatracks loaded Steelflanges.

Freight: Monopile Flanges

Destination: Rostock

Bremer Lloyd secured the transport of multiple lots of monopile flanges, which required to be transported by sea, due to the big diameter of 6 metres. Bremer Lloyd arranged the sea transport and on-carriage to the factory.

Freight: 2x used Vestas V80

Pickup: Hofschwicheldt (Germany)

Destination: Bisaccia (Italy)

Bremer Lloyd has been awarded with the transport of two Vestas wind turbines from the dismantling area to erection area. Bremer Lloyd had to arrange the rental and mounting of the transport frames, which included the turning of rotor blades into stackable frames. A charter vessel has been employed to transport the turbines directly to Italy.


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Freight: Rotor house

Pickup: Zeebrügge (Belgium)

Destination: Montoir (France)

Bremer Lloyd has recently been awarded with the transport of a rotor house from Zeebrugge to Montoir. The circumstances that the rotor house had a diameter of more than 7 metres, lead to the decision to charter in a coaster vessel, which transported the rotor house directly to Montoir.

Freight: Weser ferry

Pickup: Bremen

Destination: Londonderry

Bremer Lloyd has been awarded with the elaboration of a transport concept and the transport realization of a used Weser ferry. From the technical elaboration, to the procurement of the required lifting equipment, the coordination of loading and the chartering of the sea vessel, was everything in the responsibility of Bremer Lloyd.