Inbound Logistics

In our logistical processes we orientate ourselves on the requirements of our customers. The department Inbound Logistic organises transports, which cover the supply chain to the production facilities. Besides the transport-technical challenges, more requirements move into the focus of logisticians:

  • Optimisation of working capital, by:
    • Reduction of transit times
    • Increas of departure frequencies
  • Installation of so called safety-stocks at the destination
  • Take-over of quality controls
  • Providing add-on services
    • Unpacking of goods
    • Disposal of packaging materials
    • Registration in ERP system
    • Quality control

In conclusion, we cover the whole logistic supply chain, up to the delivery at the production facility. We are aware of the fact, and it is a sign of our quality, that a direct delivery into the running production cycle, requires an exact terminated delivery and demands a damage-free transport.